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Poly Control Flex

Product Description:



Poly Control - FLEX is constructed in the same manner as the MAX version, however, it utilizes a slightly thinner thermoplastic to allow for less control and more shock absorption.  This device is perfect for those patients that do not require maximum support of the foot (i.e. semi-rigid foot types or flexible foot types without overpronation) or those that are unable to tolerate a rigid device.  All options available on the MAX are also available on the FLEX.  This device works well in most casual and athletic type footwear. 

• Available in two levels of control (Max = Rigid/ Flex = Semi - Rigid)
• Polypropylene shell.
• Available with extrinsic or intrinsic posting
• Met pads, bars, and other options at no extra charge
• Free consultation with a Certified Pedorthist
• Free Shipping
• Competitive pricing

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