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Shoe Modifications

Product Description:


Often the most overlooked yet simple way to help a patient.  With over 80 years of combined footwear manufacturing experience we have the ability to apply modifications to almost any shoe.  Furthermore, our facility houses machinery not found in traditional cobbler shops which allows us to perform modifications in less time and for less money.  We stock a wide array of soling materials, crepes and leathers to ensure that the modifications performed will blend in with the original shoe design.  To find out more about utilizing modifications, please feel free to contact us.


• Heel Lifts
• Extended Shanks
• Medial/Lateral Stabilizers
• Medial/Lateral Flares
• Excavations (for offloading)
• Rocker Bottoms
• Transfer Caliper Plates
• Closure changes (lace to velcro)
• Resoling
• General Repairs


Forefoot Rocker
Lateral Flare
Lateral Stabilizer


3/4 Inch Heel Lift

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