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Foot Type Analysis

Free Foot Type Analysis!

One of the most important factors when choosing footwear is understanding what “Foot Type” a person has.  This allows the trained professional to recommend products that will work well for that particular foot.

At Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab, one of the many tools we use to assess a customers foot is the iStep SP5000 system.  This system is the most revolutionary in-store foot analysis device ever created for footwear professionals.  This patented technology features 3,744 gold plated barometric sensors that measure the pressure exerted by the foot every 1/4 square cm.  The high concentration of sensors results in unmatched accuracy and allows the iStep to perform an accurate reading, even for a small child.

The iStep also incorporated 1,326 infrared LEDs and receptors that are aligned every 1/2mm.  This infrared technology combined with the proprietary software captures an accurate size of the foot without using moving parts.  In addition, the technology uses “relative pressure analysis” to provide highly accurate diagram of the pressure exerted by the foot through the sole.