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Mobile Pedorthic Lab

Unlike any other “Shoe Truck” our Mobile Pedorthic Lab is stocked with over 600 pair of safety shoes in numerous styles and widths from leading manufacturers. Our mobile unit is staffed by a an individual that has had special training in proper shoe fit as well as the ability to use conservative measures to reduce or alleviate foot related symptoms. We believe that we can help make your employees safer and more comfortable throughout the day by promoting foot health. Our truck is also available for health and wellness clinics or other special events. Contact us now to find out more!

What is unique about your “Shoe Truck?”

First, our truck is staffed by a professional shoe fitter who has specialized training related to footwear fit. We also have the ability to modify or adjust footwear to help alleviate certain symptoms. For much more complicated cases, we may schedule an appointment for a full exam/casting for custom orthotics. Finally, we carry footwear that has a specific purpose in mind. We do not stock close outs or discontinued product like other trucks that are out there “dumping” product.

Do you only service large mills with hundreds of employees?

No. We are willing to meet with any company that is interested in our service. We have clients from Ft. Kent to Kittery so chances are we would be in your area soon. We have clients that have as few as 10 employees and we also have clients that have over 1,000 employees. We find that no matter the size of the organization we can tailor a schedule/program that best fits your organizations needs.

How can we get Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab to visit our facility?

Simply call our office at (207) 897-5558 and we will be more than happy to discuss your organizations needs in more detail. The Calendar is filling up fast so reserve your time NOW!