Project Description

The Exo-Flex was developed out of a need for a brace that would not restrict motion in the sagittal plane so that more active patients could maintain their way of life. Unlike other designs, the Exo-Flex has a solid posterior leg section that makes it much more rigid and controlling than other devices on the market. EVA padding throughout the brace ensures patient comfort without sacrificing control. Our two strap design with removable pads allow for simple, infinite adjustment.

• Available in various heights for different levels of control.
• Polypropylene shell.
• Available with extrinsic posting.
• Foot plate to mets, sulcus or marked length on cast.
• Available with free motion or dorsi-assist joints. Tamarack™ joints allow for fluid motion through gait, no friction joint or parts to wear out.

Clinical Applications:
• Sports Injuries
• Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
• Arthritic Ankle Subtalar and Mid-Tarsal Joints
• Early Charcot Foot
• Ankle Instability
• Pes Planus
• Severe Pronation
• Foot Drop (with optional Dorsi-Assist joint)