Project Description

A perfect balance between leather gauntlets and the less restrictive articulated AFO’s.  The Deluxe Exo-Flex uses a leather lacer to add dynamic compression to the lower portion of the leg.  This design disperses pressure more efficiently than velcro straps making it a perfect fit for those with edema.  Furthermore, by not encompassing the leather lacer on the lower (foot) portion of the brace, shoe fit becomes easier and patient compliance is increased.


• Available in various heights for different levels of control.
• Polypropylene shell.
• Available with extrinsic posting.
• Foot plate to mets, sulcus or marked length on cast.
• Available with free motion or dorsi-assist joints. Tamarack™ joints allow for fluid motion through gait, no friction joint or parts to wear out.

Clinical Applications:
• Sports Injuries
• Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
• Arthritic Ankle Subtalar and Mid-Tarsal Joints
• Early Charcot Foot
• Ankle Instability
• Pes Planus
• Severe Pronation
• Foot Drop (with optional dorsi-assist joint)