Project Description




At Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab we manufacture 100% custom Ankle Foot Orthoses.  From our highly skilled technicians, to our premium materials, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality, durable, and effective braces that will offer your patient’s relief for years to come.

Unlike other labs, we offer extra padding, heel and forefoot posts, met pads, sulcus or full foot extensions AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Thus, for one low fee, you are able to tailor each device to meet all of your patient’s specific needs.

Colors Available

Closure Types

  • Lace
  • Velcro
  • Speed Hooks
  • Combo

Three levels of Control

Choose what level of control you would like.  Flexible devices offer minimal correction and support to the foot, however this is a great choice for those that would be unable to tolerate a more rigid device.  Semi-Rigid offers moderate control but still allows a small amount of motion which works well for mild PTTD, over pronation, or those that do not require a rigid device.  Firm should be used whenever you need the maximum control of abnormal motion.  This level of control provides maximum stability in the device.